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Bikiniwax Atomic (Self-Released 2016)

   Banging harder as the group named Wasted Theory are fortunately, the based-group with members coming from both Delaware and Maryland with the consisting crew: drummer Brendan Burns, guitarist/vocals Larry Jackson Jr, Dave McMahon on guitars and Rob Michael on bass guitar bragging their good performance on thus groovy swaggering Bluesy Stoner undertones mixed with Hard Rock and Southern-flicks never sounded better like how the band releasing their Defenders of The Riff recording as the second efforts by far. Cranking those powerful mighty riffs and bashing pounds of the drum-sets along the tenth rocking songs written and composed by themselves there; really ready to blow your fucking mind and delivering some of the band’s finest great smashing bashing and banging sounds available within AmpliFIRE!, Black Witch Blues, Belly Fulla Whiskey, Under The Hoof or Get Loud or Get Fucked like forever taken and re-written by the Gospel of Infinity that smacking your Throttlecock down. 

Filthy bastards !!!