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Berliner Vinyl (Raw Tapes 2013)

   Tel-Aviv Yafo – Israel can be sounded relaxing not chaotic if you searching deeper for inner-self reaction made onto peace rather than viewing the differences or in the other phrase meaning there “make falafel not war” might not be ignored by people who loves to have a good time than bad ones and for that you’ve made a great touchdown on having Buttering Trio with their music arrived safely inside your stereo. More Trip-Hop, Rap Talmudic and Jazzy valuable point of views  in a better condition under the circumstance of a gently sounds by softener but heavy beats, sweet poignant jams and smoky basement’s hours of composing the written lyrics by the real three awesome musicians: Beno Hendler, KerenDun and Rejoicer. 
Toast is the group’s debut for these schizophrenic new-school romantic descendant in the making down to Kibbutz Dunietz crawling the differ begging of Trip-Hop and deep melancholic tunes for the redefined grooves climbing the tree of life by levels in this order of sounds complex over Ganja Man, Tired Love, Take Me Somewhere (Roads), No Joke and Voyage. 
While I Am Dracula or Fall Into Abyss showing that just because they’re loving peaceful band doesn’t mean they cannot writing wicked lyrics too.