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Bellaesque Goals (Futureman Records 2016)

   Has providing an alternative platform of the likes for 60’s Mod, Northern Soul, Midwest Rock, Power-Pop revival and Punk or New Wave compilations completely via these various artists of Ice Cream Man Power-pop & More Power Popsicle Brain Freeze (or you can shortened it as you wish for) a great album records which fueled within over one hundred thirty-nine or almost forty tracks available here for anyone whom looking forward to have their good times listening for the lovely rebellious melodic Jangly, rocking, retro or even semi-oldies music that reminding us back to the rest of romantic era over the legends like Richie Valens’s pop shots, great balls of Rock N’ Roll fires, piano acrobat-bashing of Mr. Richards and many more tremendous sounds from the late of the nineties era of Indie Rock to Alternative Electronic with much harmony beats and less soft-techno tunes right here on the album. 
A blue creamy taste of flavors recorded by so many by the fields of scene of Pop-Rock music such as Punk-Pop, Surf Rock to the promotions for the independent names collectively complied by the label and you can finding them there: Fun W/Atoms, The Bottle Kids, Kerosene Stars to Gretchens Wheel and Dropkick or Donny Brown. 
   As for the energetic tunes which also unpredictably sounding awesome and some even more promising to be the next stars as one might choosing them one by one closely to the bucket-lists from Arvidson & Butterflies did on Tired of Running, Tommy Sistak oldie-based sixties runaway couple driving, Braddock Station Garrison with Forgotten Teenage Dream that come punkish, One Minute Millionaires surfing-punk music on Long Gone or Matti Jesu and The Loose Train’s Velvet Underground-ing Pop over What Goes On. 

From The Mayflowers opening to the sealed kisses by Pallenberg; one might agreed that this recording is rare and encouraging.