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Banderoll Distant (Parallell 2010)

Consisting for three musicians whom experimenting their musical roots basic onto something branded whether as new one or not but the first time you listening to Lerverk trio: Adam Forkelid, Putte Johander and Jon Falt remarkably sounding way too different than just being called or classified as a Jazz group. 
The inversion of fluctuated blatant shaking rims through the non-benefit performance as they seems to searching for a way in as much as looking for a way out by getting cross the outer-limit of the destined original Jazz formats onto these type of Progressive Psychedelic experimental for the tuning-elicit variety over the album – Everyday. Either In The Mood really talking about the literature meaning or the next song Hornstull (Jazz du Jour) sounded like a stereotype soundtrack for the wacky hour in Wonderland for Alice or Gizmo started slow and solid but forcing itself to go “off-the charts” completely traditional in shades and a little bit suspense curiosity. Drink your tea and add more these to your editions.