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Backyard Nuclear (Munster Records 2015)

Impressive Goth-Pop colder profiling sounds really made into the surface by these Psychic trio of Porto; brought the Lo-Fi emotions cracking from the smallest crack somewhere and creating a more brilliant avenue for you to clinging the echoes of cosmic guitar banging with drunken tea sessions by the invisible park only can be seeig by one using the flashing sunglasses kinds of trick but not too far than knowing that The Japanese Girls formation as Bruno Sosa, Corinna Sousa and Emanuel Cunha. 

Sonic-Shaped Life is and always be one of thus unique and weird albums of all time in any occasion interpretations where the audiences being brought to a quite hibernated stage of consciousness as the soft and odd noises that we can call as melodic music played. 

The Amphitamine Beatnik, You Should Have Switches, Twiggy Kasumi delivering more little bombs of Goth-Rock popular explosions under your skins as the rest crawls within either I’m In Dreamland or Trouble Girl and Sadhu. 

Mannequin world has equally turning into the living’s end with many of us teaching our girls to getting skinnier to be called perfect – just like a cursed society led by fashion not intellectual music for instinct.

Sonic-Shaped Life: