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Azzaihg’nimehc (Everlasting Spew Records 2017)

Modern Technical and Melodic Death Metal on the rise with a dangerous purpose – this time, from the place called Bergamo (Italy) consisting themselves as a quartet of artistic and highly developed quality of vast demonic chosen themes over their views on Death Metal productions promoted and performs by lead guitarist/synth-mixer Fabio to Matteo the drum-basher, Cristiano the bass-molester and Riccardo on lead guitars. Meet them in the flesh: Maze of Sothoth on their releasing and destructive tracks via Soul Demise as the slicing melodies or heavy riffs onto the scarring solos and blasting double pedals will go bashing you over and over again until you’re laying on the ground covered with blood and may satan comes to take you away as the menacing records keeps on vomiting its almighty Cthulhu’s Calling, Lies, Seed of Hatred, Multiple Eyes, The Outsider and The Dark Passenger among others. 

Covering your ears won’t save you from being possessed by the Death Metal reigns carried by these troops !

Soul Demise: