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Auf’s Peltz (Not On Label 2014)

Psychedelic Stoner Rock unit consisting of Theli (bass), Elias (drums) and Jens Hugo (guitars and synths) recording their trippy tones and Space Rock performance via The Fur’s self-titled album made of Ghent – Belgium. The trio of Indie Rock distortions really trying not too sounded too damn terrible otherwise still, the facts that thus basic cruelty over the band’s noisy products of instrumentals themed songs influenced by the heavy happy seventies-era fusion of retro rock to the acid-ridden of the sixties and spreading their peace and love tricks subjects over all the listeners without hesitate to win many hearts just like how you being so surprised over the gold fish gift by your long lost auntie visiting the house since a long long time ago. 
Bursting power and collective bruises made by riffs and mid-tempo drumming truly cannot closing the talents made to front as the band sticking the bayonet to yours via Zwarte Materie, Sunhaze or Ahn Dre. Totally, can purchasing your interest right to the correct clicks on liking The Fur album. 

The Fur: