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Atom & Eve (Dependent Records 2015)

Blown up the bridges by using the turning points for the making on soft violence through twelve track stories in sudden impact rather not fading but getting louder on Desertropolis, Illuminate, Outbreaker, Starscorch into Malkuth and Ultimate Breed like an artificial Biological Genomica dance-clubber mixes deserving due to an aula flooded by cauldron of lava in form of Electro-Industrial band from Canada trio – Encephelon; by consistency of Matt Gifford, Sam Mainer and Alis Alias building their extensive underground-based breathers trauma beats and sounds through Psychogenesis. 
Including of course, the manic themes from science fiction and technology and mixed it with Alternative Metal to Electronics really can creates another new bridge replacing the old ones which already being destroyed along within the humanity on you and the rest of their listeners. 

As everything that fallen down – the evil carnage and sweeter brute for the demon angel to rising is permanently temporary as like the kindness in people’s heart which cannot be measured.