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Animation Suspended (Bandcamp 2013)

   Fully energetic and carrying their old sounds off the Alternative Rock scene from the late nineties in America where mostly, not depressing but luckily – by melodies and harmony music of the semi-popular sounds from the teenage-flicks movie soundtrack themes and daily stories for the quartet of Stonely, Andruid, Damniel and Soth for blending their good Indie, Folk, Garage and Blues-birdy Rock representing Springfield, MO has brought us the journey to the outskirt of orange plantation farms, greenish hills onto the quiet lake or thus unnamed roads dusty but seems to looking like endless as you and your friends went out there for some adventure rather than staying home like a dumb butt.
The Gardenheads may not be too offensive as a radical whimsical but the infamous tracks loading and being play aloud here like We Are F’d Up Kids, Starlings & Sparrows, Everytown, Silent Spring or The Dishwashers Union seems to be sounded anonymously anomaly but the truth is lying in front of our problems of the youth days of the old times until today; the album of Growing Season showing not only the best parts but many lessons to learn from the lyrics which are some certainly wiser to re-thinking back as the harmonica and the lead solos of The Beatles’ like influenced will be totally awesome for listening time on the Sunday evening as well.

Growing Season: