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Ambivalent Million (Not On Label 2011)

   Wait a minute and maybe you need to checking back the course of Heavy Metal story for Oakland/Bay Area – San Francisco as the time written down that there are still some African Americans despising their likes for not easily slipped into the stupidity collaborations in Rap Music or raised and living in the hood surrounded by violence and screwing bitches with big asses cause that’s not how the quartet of A Band Called Pain would sounded like. The black studs really lived to hailing Heavy Metal and its roots as the foursome of Allen Richardson (vocals), Shaun Bivens (guitars), Bryan Dean aka Dark Kent on bass and Akii Peyton aka Killz Atwillz on drums releasing themselves and their loud proud music banging your heads like the long snake moan with poison to make the listeners dragged into the addiction of true sound of this blending of Hard Rock, Metal-Core and Thrash-Hardcore that could lead them as the next bastard sons of Living Colour or Body Count with the hyper-sensitive techniques to raising the symphonic and progressive beats out of them to you. Through the second effort of Beautiful Gun we’ll see the exciting blasts of pounding actions from the quartet to experiences you on having the real metallic orgasm – all the way through Under My Skin, Tuskegee Airmen, Push, The Police’s great cover on King of Pain onto Descending or Nothing Lasts shall be a blown away temporary moment – like Rage Against The Machine decided to mingle with Iron Maiden for a precious child – that would be this group !

Beautiful Gun: