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Alvadans Hjarta (Unexploded Records 2011)

   Dan Heikenberg is an ex-Frostnatt member who decided to go on towards his own way on this journey of a Folk/Viking/Black Metal in one man-project based on the mythical folklore background and heritage beliefs concept off many Sweden of Skane still believe to today and by the name of secret on Nattsmyg which refers to something coming out at night time from the forest or related to thus forest dwellers on a basic Swedish literature of traditional folklore stories in a definitive sounds sinking you into a winter tales dimension parts of the world. As being pushed to be infamous and underground as well but the beautiful prevails upon the female voices performed by Linn Carlshaf or the raw excellent screaming by Dan Heikenberg himself truly magnificent as a collaborative for this well-produced and composed fourth albums in an atmospheric categorization rustic ventures on Fylgja. 
   As an evening quietly, sat there to cuddling the earth; a girl decided to sacrificing herself for the overwhelming of her lost beloved one so then, together again they’re shall be soon after the pain is gone and life vaporized from the face of an existence of a human being or other subjects related to the folklore local itself like Skuggfolket (Shadow People) or Skepnaden Vid Sjon (Countenance at Sea), the battle story for the bonus track off Vlanaders Slagfalt. 
   Sneaking in with cruelty within the darkest hours of the night by an invisible force to influence the audience under the dark messages in wicked sounds disguising beauty of the extreme Scandinavian harmony.