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Allright! (Dead Beat Records 2015)

One can calling them crazy or not calmly did the nutty screams while having the blow-job rocking buzzed musical explosions for the non-essential enormous balls ever caught on tape recording by a surprising duo of total weirdness-respectively concluded onto the cementing lesser-known name of the group: Charm Bag led by the fuzz-tastic and Garage-Rock tonic out from a trashy professor or the primitive princess demented and spontaneous for keeping their minds sane and creates the infamous simple Rock N’ Roll music form through that infectiously album called An Andalusian Dog. 

Meet the Sevilla/Malaga (Spain) natives Fernando Smogger (vocals, guitars, harp) and Ana Smogger (vocals, drums, maraccas) as your Trash Punk-Rock duo contaminating your brain with the fully beats of “a macho in rancho relaxo” kinds of atmosphere for the likes on The ramps, The Gories, The Mummies and many more flies like wooden chairs onto the audience heads by the uprising brought by Evel Advice, Swamp Beat, Voodoo Fun and Dancing in Your Grave. 

Solo mata al maldito gato negro !

An Andalusian Dog: