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Aiytmanine (Bandcamp 2012)

TouMastin probably one of the recording that will never crossing your mind these days but if you are a truly World heritage and global travelers whom liking to listen for as many as the traditional music from everywhere and the choices made for thus Northern Africa-themed base group on the form of TissilaWen that consisting of local guitarists/bassists/musicians from Djanet, Wilaya Illizi – Algeria as being introduced as Bakrin Timlfati, Cheikh Taberni or Manou Othmani with percussionists choirs like Sliman Mefatih and Youssef Herouini blending their interpretations in both traditional ways and modern beats of arts in tunes as taken as well the influences from Blues Folk and World mixture into these Touareg Tenere’s desert compositions all through the studio recording and nine tracks on its list. Loving to have your own after dinner effects in the open air of Sahara area or thus twilight starry zone hypnotics via Awin Akaline, Ar’n’Adam, Kel Tamasheq to Alghib and Kod Tarzid fairly. 

The harmony vocals or the natural beats might capturing you to buy a one way ticket to the place where this music came from next week.