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Airshow 77’ (Bandcamp 2011)

   Satellites among the silence void were now left behind as the space station slowly follows the planet’s gravity in a circle movement crossing the deep space of expanding universe by the surroundings as the project musical of this Sci-Fi Alternative Electro of Haunt-ology and spacey soundtrack instrumentals being produced and written by Kevin Oyston can be considerable as a lost phonetics found in outer space by sending the signs of sound to somewhere and receiving the answers which not quite clear but needs to be exam for further more explanations. 
Measuring the coordinates or taking samples of materials and pictures to having your personal Time Traveller on Exploring Radio Space record could be a disaster mission or the successful one cause it depends on how The Soulless Party can undeniably finishing the mission one for humanity sake or toss away when the batteries are finally out for entering million miles far from the last light for the energy source. 
   The story goes within Stars That Glisten and Death of An Astronaut can destine to coming back to earth as they’re sent but after that  all the communication might be shut down and god-speed is the only way for saying goodbye from the ESA to the UK’s space station … 

Exploring Radio Space: