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After Forever (Sony Music Entertainment 1994)

   Everybody should knows better that in Heavy Metal world the Birmingham quartet of masters – Black Sabbath has done almost everything from the first day to succumbing to eternity as Extreme Heavy Metal develops because of how horror-themed the music which played by Sabbath’s influencing the entire whole louder music especially the metal world since the authentic sinful satanic riffs created by Tony Iommi or Ozzy Osborne singing the war, pain and all those darker purposes closing mankind to sins as the next generations of Heavy metal and extremist legends trying to pay their tribute to the godfather of Heavy Metal themselves through VA Nativity in Black – A Tribute to Black Sabbath including Thrash Metal, Doom Rock and the Cross-over between the funky N.I.B by Ugly Kid Joe to how Bruce Dickinson w/Godspeed paying their due to Sabbath Bloody Sabbath or Sepultura did the Hardcore version for Symptom of The Universe or Bullring Brummies and Rob Halford giving The Wizard a taste of Judas Priest as well as 1,000 Homo DJ’s powerful industrial Supernaut or Paranoid bursts into chaos theme with Megadeth or you may preferring to have your own live version performance of War Pigs and the ritualistic doomy of sexual Velcro interference from Peter Steele and co. 
   The artworks showing a real realted to mystic pagan or Satanism and on the same time – a darkling version for the virgin and the unholy son – explaining about why Black Sabbath destined to be the best because they’re wiser and evil …