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Afloat Songwriting (Paperplane/Susy 2011)

   "Only dull people are Brilliant At Breakfast …" isn’t a statement truly right for mentioning these Yogyakarta’s six-piece and mixed genders unit of Twee-Pop, Jangle-Rock and Electro-Pop Dreamy music that suspending you from doing silly things before thinking.
Sweetening like M& M candies or ice creamy which can easily makes you and others addicted to them just like a shadow from the past of the last performance of The Cardigans and easy listening of Alternative Pop due to the exit time travelling to the mid-nineties; Eka the rest of these Central Java personnel proving that Oscar Wilde might be wrong a bit about the statement on the previous sentence up there. 
Brilliant At Breakfast sounding wonderful, poppy and taste like a great band to collect by the audiences in a hurry because from the related but long title record of them in release – Being Verbose is Easy, Being Verbose Ain’t Easy; expressing more than just words to lifting the joyous essence carried by them within the classic yummy daily Pop-tunes through Splashdown, Nobody Ever Died of a Broken Heart (But I Don’t Want to be The First), Sanctuary and Gundala Putra Petir as cartooning animated and English lyrics admitting that the group has turning their goodies to internationally approved.