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Adonis Celestial (Domino 2016)

   Crowned themselves as a fearless lesser-known Indie Rock band from a place called Kendal in England as the voice led the group seems to be similar to the high-quality old John Lennon ghost leaving The Beatles to another dimensions really comes back onto our modern world through Wild Beasts (used to be called Fauve).
As Bert on percussions and vocals, Tom on bass and vocals, Benny the guitar player as well as Hayden the guitarist/vocalist ready to challenge reality with their mixing features music and sounds from Electro-Rock, New Wave and Synth-Pop on the releasing – Boy King; the enormous semi-dark giant/titan-shaped like of figure standing terrifying to the audiences on the front cover but the music would be something goodie great with Funk/Soul grooves accompanying tracks like Tough Guy, Big Cat, Get My Bang, 2BU and Ponytail – given the Dreamliner mayhem melodies an end to stay awesome in slow-tuned standard Pop-Rock.

Boy King: