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A Step Behind (Danse Macabre 2012)

   Recorded on Tel-Aviv while been mastering in Phoenix – Arizona as being produced by Uri Frost somewhere in one of the hottest months around US and the rest of the world area; Temporary Phase can be recommended as an adventure of sampling for Noises-Rock and Industrial-Techno electric recorded by Opioids – the quartet of Sharon Reuveni on vocals, Erez Moshe the guitarist, bass player Igal Levy and Roney Leigh Dubnov bashing his drums over the group’s efforts as doing their prosthetic formulated on Post-Punk, Alternative Dark Wave or Indie extremist-based for Nintendo-Pop Core as opening wider reaching out to the grasping breather of sons of men when nostalgia meets the shining of moon and hanged herself over the bright foggy skyline. Mid-tempo bursts of tons of blending melodic form live bands and samples of electro touch colliding here in between the most painful messages and lyrics drowning inside the mix of hot or cold waves spawning some powerful music via Detachment, Pre-Mortem, Oblivion Voids and FlatCat. Post madness or requesting Inner Itch over Mass Production would you agreed ?

Temporary Phase: