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3 Any Sixteen (Rub Wrongways 2006)

For the love on The Primitives, The Sundays, The Innocence Mission and The Cranes are always on your list of Indie-Pop collections since the late nineties ? Well, if they do, then you also need to add more to that collectible arts of good music with the beautiful five-piece group consisting of Leza Bezo, Brian Marchese, Henning Ohlenbusch, Max Germer and Ken Maiuri from Northampton – MA bring their Jangly Pop and Indie Rock sounds off the non-bitterness but joyous themes and much lyrics on gaining positive spirits for life. Psychedelic within Pop-Rock format written carefully but simple for the most comparable songs that you may actually can sing along with from The Fawns’ second album: A Nice Place To Be comes the perfect parade of Pop-romantic and rural area soundtrack as well as your dreamy days where things turn-out miraculously right via the blossoming Friends, Would You Stop ?, Bored, Snow Day and Movie Star Henning plays his keyboards or electric guitars while Lesa Bezo leading her roles on song-writing, acoustic guitar and lead vocals as Mr. Marchese drumming came along within the bass sounds from Ken Maiuri. 

A Nice Place To Be: