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19:20 (Anarchofreaksproduction 2012)

Harsh noises experimental as the alter ego from the French lunatic Nico Goethals’ horrific event as a deformation sounds that can also pronounced as a small apocalypse to your lame head once you’ve decided to listening to this recording release off the speeding crashed noise samples to deafening your fucking ears out cleverly – disturbing since the first cell provides by the artists, the master, the maker. Low-modulations as well as the bursting process of mixing pains, growing hate considering of the lossless and parts of the underground chemistry to re-curing the most deranged feelings blending within the depth of sorrow that rape the last hope of humanity in a manufactured proceedings made entire two tracks recording hostile to mankind to try. Goghal with this Acrotomophilia II means terrorizing yourself with the explicit unexplainable torturing examples for a sound-blast through Akron which splitting into two section majors where’s Akron I shall abusively, abducting your minds and soul to another place where even a universal book cannot tell or any computerized elements to detects its present in more than 18:51 in electronic-malfunctioned duration while as one reaches the next second one – it’s too late to save your existence lost inside the realm like a cripple girl with no feet and a hand sitting to end her life right before the crowds on a locker room. 

Acrotomophilia II: