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Zing Azrael (Bandcamp 2016)

   Lining-up with these crazy local Extreme Metal-Heads like Ashmedai (grinder vocals), Oranus (guitars), Ishthabacus (vocals) or drummer Unios Amoros and bassist Priministerus; the releasing of the fatal-fucks for deranged comedy of Extreme Grindcore in the name of Goregamel and before you can related the band and the album title: Slaughter ov The Papa Smurf sounding joking but lending their views about how on earth today’s living in the holy land of Jerusalem didn’t quite catchy anymore but dull as the security lowered by level or the freaking jokes arrived to your ears like being smiley heard through Max Cavalera (Oyoyoy), Whole Lotta Grind or more of the group’s self-written products like on Smashed Rabbit Blues, Chiribim Chiribim to Mesopotamian Gore. 

Funny about how satanic schlager shocking and vulgar Extreme/Grind Metal fits for thus under 30 years old.

Slaughter Ov The Papa Smurf: