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Zankyou Allium (Independent 2012)

A Japanese Rock project of mixed genders led by Kukomaro Milk a.k.a Tissue Princess with one of the most acclaiming bassist in Japan today Nico Dauga as together like the old story about how they’re summoning demonic hellish spirits as their amulet inside a possessing thing called Babydollsymphony as being told tobe baptized as their group’s name as well later on, written more songs of rocking metallic Pop and delivering them throughout their country swept within the magical power to contriving an evil plot to conquer the globe like here on the recording release of their own called Lilian=Leroux No Fushigi Na Toshokan. 
Proving that mostly, Speed Metal meets Rock-powers along the group of soundtrack-tremors harbinger of death to the world by vocalist Rino, guitarist Yuto, BaronPotato on keyboards and Mitsuru the drummer brought the infamous J-Rock climax musical into a higher level in imaginable session hearing sense to the visual formidable visionary on the record. Bang aloud those tracks over Scarlet (Type-D), Strawberry Vampire (Candy Mix), Raririka Merry-Go-Round, Rebellion Blood or Zettai Fukujuu Guardian as Contact within the massive force from beyond the walls of other dimension of hell and earth bounce society confusing for the fast-beats from wonderland …