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Year Bless Emancipation (Type 2006)

The Berklee College of Music student Keith Kenniff is the Boston based Ambient Electro Indie artist whom dedicated himself to dealing with his own project which carrying the gross products of the relationship’s talk and stories via the written music and composed sounds dearly comes in soft or mellow concluded with the thanking themes for occurring kindness in good times or the bad ones through his perfect second recording – Eingya. 

One shall be released within the vast knowledgeable subjects that came along with the track-listed songs such as Halving The Compass, Dragonfly Across an Ancient Sky, First Dream called Ocean and The Toy Garden which all and most of them might subtracting the enormous amounts of tangled feelings while listened carefully. 

The melodies and harmony music that barely smooth will carries your imaginative journey like a sweet dreaming lullaby for minutes seemed to be decades.