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Xitana Teslacoil (Bandcamp 2016)

   Experimenting their own basic lives process into the Progressive Math-Rock and Indie-Rock shred since Lawrence University to the more objective outside it – carrying the name legacy for Appleton, Wisconsin as The Goat Wizard which brought not only the noisy breakthrough of a fusion between grungy devastations and loyal dark occult themes into the manic compositions for Santana Sacrifice or Winter Solstice to Summoning or Litmus and Uncle Kevin through The Anthromancer album release. As the consisting crew develops greater views and values added more and more professional as introduced as Alex Kurki (vocals, guitars), Greyson Sztuczko (guitars, vocals), Liam McCarty (drums), Luis Gonzalez (guitars) and Will Patton (bass, vocals) trending their steps from here which sounded like a mad-side version of Faith No More but listed as an thematic income for thrilling or suspense progression’s theory turns reality with the artworks cover making a horrific scary face that reminds you about the archaic demonic figure from Exorcist movies … 

The Anthromancer: