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Wormed Entrails Phallus (New Standard Elite 2015)

   Slamming Brutal Death Metal spreading mutilations and deader lyrics possible like an infected knowledge of surgeon and tortures combined into one category led the massive extremities made out of Tallinn, Estonia as thus medical correlations of insanity exploding chaos sounds in its classical double pedals amok and madness of riffs onto the philosophy fits only for maniacs and psychotic heads whom liking deeper roots of Death Metal full of blood tension as well as the carving of anything abnormal brought to your fucking face by Hymenotomy band which consisting of bunch of other extreme group’s members for another crazy project did really wrong via the long titled album called Some Necrophiles Having Sax with Naked Autopsied Bodies in The Morgue – sounding pathetic and thrilling to most of you displaying cadaveric undead bodies to a little Goat of Mendes (in a fucking good way for Death Metal themed). 
   Trio like Carcass; Are “USB” Kangus on bass, Aivar Keermann (guitars) and Markus Saar (drums, vocals) blasting the hateful and misguided illegal surgery and mutilations manual steps not as practice within Gigantic Dildo Constructed from Putrid Human Body Parts Stolen from a Local Cemetery or Romantic Rape Fantasy about Pegging Your Grandfather with a Strap-on kKnife Dildo or Orgasm Achieved by Disemboweling Pregnant Women and Inserting Decapitated Fetuses into Hairy Anus shall making people head-banging like nuts to severed vomiting continuously for the purposes of this brutal music of scary metal shredding the victims into pieces by pieces.