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Woodchipper (Bandcamp 2014)

The Canaduh (Canada) Grinding metallic corpses unit coming in their brutal blasts of terrifying things to offer onto you and may your hunger be fulfilled in many ways as the branding DeathGrind Metal music not suitable for kids under ages or old people or stupid fucks of Pop-loving maggot-heads because this is a private torturing connections between the victims and the masters only while the modern world reality will definitely forbid these products to spreading out and infecting the minds of “good religious people”. Quesnel of British Columbia’s solo project of a man named Lyle Durand performing all the vocals, guitars, bass and drums as part of creative artistic of murder; would not be accepted as the main views of all westerners but if you wanted to see the truth of honesty about what human can really do to others today – this album entitled Chemical Disincorporation perhaps maybe one of the examples to begin. 
Learn how to snatching your target or how psychotic criminals working and don’t let the fear of blood conquers you in this life because all you need to know is survive and spilling blood via Grind-Death Metal or go for the new habit of diet as cannibalistic person because no meat should be left stale. The many themes of how broken the society truly is might be seeing through Invasion of The Flesh hunters, Re-Animated Corpse, He’s A Molester! as well as Yell All You Want No one’s Gonna Hear You are thus suffering or injured background of an unlucky victims being captive and waiting to be slaughtered in a hidden dungeon facility under the modern town of every country.