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Wolves My Soul (Dark Horizon Records 2001)

   Blasphemous can be born for over the uniting copulations of Black Metal presence made by the name of Igor Naumchuk a.k.a Khylst and Elena Naumchuk alias Stabaath while moving from Zhytomir to Mykolaiv – Ukraine as brought the band’s philosophy of anti-human, Satanism and misanthropy and well being extremely brutal on the compilation of Instinct Prevelance surely isn’t suitable for public consumptions; Lucifugum kept on releasing their brand of raw Black Metal excellent extremity metallic which not made to mockery or comparing but truly, wanted to end the world domination where this planet earth finally reducing humanity by destruction, natural disaster or just being cursed forever for destroying itself since the technology age taken over the global 21st century and turned it into disorder in many places. 
Bringing The Rain or The Mysterious Garden or The Sabbath must be your definitive picks to head-banger and praising satan from under the basement late at night or under the hot sun paganic ritual for celebrating Summer with blood, life-loss and killing the innocent.  

Instinct Prevelance: