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Wireless Fighta (Cold Smoke Records 2017)


Here you go pals – the mixture of a newer resurrection from the spirits of Zack De La Rocha meets the everyday shuffling or Beastie Boys taste like a Switzerland cheese and chocolate fudge in a Rap-Rock blending explosions creatively endorsing by the Fensta trio; Zack (rap, guitars), Nathan (drums) and Fred (bass guitar) releasing the flavored blasting party riots via Apocalypstick- the album.

   Featuring their excessive force of both collaborative of Metal, Hardcore, Rap and Funk-Rock in one bowl of featured recording you need to listen now ! The pure rebellion and slinky-shot fucked up generation anthems for the modern spoilers or orphans within School Dropout, Princess Hot Chipolata, If You’re Cute or Connection’s Lost perfectly dedicated to those luxurious or primary demanding of the consumer-nation kids these millennium. 

Would it be a mock or an encouragement over angry youth management ? 

Damned boi now you'd be fucking decide !!!