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Whole Life Taught (Columbia Records 2015)


   At the moment of dinner where every single of your family members are there, rounding the dining table and  inviting friends too as the chit-chat over daily bull and annoying questions on you cannot be tolerated anymore means that you need to have some fun to satisfying yourself and Kindred must be a good choice for that.
The glossary competence of this Indie-Poptronica with only one man’s sole start it in Cambridge – Massachusetts; Michael Angelakos later on joined by  live performing musicians such as Chris Hartz (drums), Aaron Harrison Folb (bass/synthesizers), Guliano Pizzulo (guitar/synthesizers) and Ray Suen (guitar, synthesizers) with still the leading role hold by Angelakos as well playing keyboards and doing lead vocals. 
   Passion Pit had been chosen as the group project name and within two album releases already; the group slowly caught more attentions from more Pop-Music Media and their songs also getting famous through the radio-stations or television channels. 
Using this occasion for the next recording under the good hoping causes of Kindred; Passion Pit having no such things as troublesome while doing their musical career and the dinner will be saved once you got your courage back and playing this lovely Pop-tronic tunes from the record such as Where The Sky Hangs, All I Want, Five Foot Ten, Until We Can’t (Let’s Go) or the band’s latest single from this record – Lifted Up (1985) being picked for completing the EA Sports’ Fifa PES 2016 game-play list.