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Weak Ends (Bandcamp 2013)

   Junk up and the bidness once rollin’ in things more often encountered while one making sure that their unlucky meeting with Iroquois Pliskin duet consisting of Chas Hollingshead on guitars, bass and vccals as well as Bryson Needles loving for exotic beats of drums creating the group Afro-Rock enchantments locally bad and unprofessional but who are we to judge them for that ? The Cedar City – Utah releasing home-made album on The Cantankerous Adventures of Thad and Belyle must be a work of a lifetime while thus blending for silly minimalist performance on taking the Emo-Rock, Math-Pop or Alternative music to the down level approved pretty worse on this five tracks of a mindless self-esteem but never losing the artistic Progressive sounds able to be served unwell via Merry + Pippin off the Lords of The Rings influences, Danny Trejo that sounding brave older like the real character on Bad-Ass series perhaps onto independent opening song for Adamas Prime which not suitable to your transformer’s tree relatives anywhere. 

But again this is a pure honesty led into musical record don’t judge it because you can’t make it !