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We Live Fight (Sabotage Records 2016)

   Short and dangerous for bigot humans and anyone else who against the simplicity of rebellion acts being represent to the form of fast and aggressive Hardcore beats music that kicks harder exported from Olympia, WA home of Seattle Sonics and Seahawks with the reigning session led by Corey Rose Evans, Jake Bison, Julaya Antolin, Sadie Switchblade or Tannrr naming themselves G.L.O.S.S that perhaps, rhyming with LGBT supporters and exploding Queer-core and glamour fashion for the have-nots and the forgotten children to fight back using the angst of youth, total freedom of speech and sharing ideas to fight the common enemies as this mini-album recording of Trans Day of Revenge only consisting of five songs with durations under two minutes each – perhaps too damn shorter but must be done or never. 
   Cranking riffs, terrible melodies and disturbing screamo shall closing your trial try-out for listening to the lipsticks and pocket knives as the Punk Rock extremities broke in your front door and burn down your house in the middle of the crashing louder of Give Violence A Chance or Out Form The Dark.

Trans Day of Revenge: