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Wax Reaper (Cargo Records 1993)

   A semi-legendary Punk-Horror from Calgary, Alberta or being known as Cowtown also spawning this crazy-fun and wacko group known as Forbidden Dimension with its ring-leader Jackson Phibes and his ever-changing member rotations of ghoul armies such as P.T Bonham, Rudy Rue Morgue to H.P Lovesauce as together the band completely displaying the northern answer for US shocker rockers like The Misfits or Alice Cooper about the term of the next terror things happen to emerge via the blanding influences from the likes of Roky Erickson, Johhny Thunder, every last single spooky shows to EC comics as the dreadful themes written pretty much rocking through the essential nightmarish images on haunted houses, flying sources, cannibals, femme fatales to voodoo or the living dead attacks as Mr. Phibes and his cronies thrown the recording called Sin Gallery with mostly frightening to capture the essential Rock N’ Roll and Punk Rock attitudes by the track-listed materials off Mars in Heaven, Haunted, Spiderbite, Wild Doll, Tall Dark and Gruesome to Deadly Pickup, Atomic Cannibals as well as other themes that would making you shaking head because they’re completed piling up there as a package where the nutty sleazy filth ideas and all things that can make you feel insecure while being alone at home under the stormy night or stuck somewhere on the unknown highway; shall always imagining about how Forbidden Dimension may always telling that evil things lurking behind the dark to snatch us up !  

Sin Gallery: