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Wander Hither (Feathered Coyote Records 2014 )

An Instrumental Drone/Doom/Ambient howler taken its roots back to the heritage of Romania traditional Folk or standard Heavy Metal surreal sci-fi in reality erupts as you might crossing the paths led or dragging by Tauusk as the music sounds made by guitars, bass, synthesizers, effects and many more combinations released within the force of obvious nature sound-scape off Razvan Lazea-Postelnicu heading outside his owned Eastern European barriers to worldwide exchanges of heavier music maker like the example brought there within this Hermit – the infamous album that having a greater magical cover looks which telling the rest of s hidden story led to occultation. Five tracks and nothing holds the grime-sounds a bit longer like a journey where it is important more than the destination to reach and Tauusk knows how to extra grilling the prosthetic sounds melodies and further art-craft sounds to action via Vision or Forest or Ritual; taken the greater greatness horribly yet tremendous recording you ever met and had a listen by ears.