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Walking In Circles (Warner Bros. Records 2009)

   American brand new product but not too new to many of Rock fans especially those whom always loving how the high-pitched toned vocals and the screaming style form of Chester Bennington (Linkin Park) as the vocalist/guitarist/synths - blaring loud not with his infamous band but through another project and fir now this is call – Dead By Sunrise as within names like Amir Derakh, Anthony Valcic (programming, synths), Ryan Shuck (guitar, synths), Brandon Belsky on bass, drummer Elias Andra or the electro-rock head: Julien-K definitively assembling  this non-toy and serious music in Los Angeles with a possibility of a future plan over a Linkin Park rocking version with more Modern Rock/Motley Crue ingredients version and less or less Rap-Rock agenda swirling around some manic fans under the phobia for seeing this. 
   Out of Ashes produced by Howard Benson and leads the Alternative Rock of proud music sounds via the most apocalyptic themes written by the group on rocking hard tracks like Too Late, Let Down, the soft-emotional lyrics on Give Me Your Name, My Suffering, Crawl Back In onto End of The World which reveals about the next footsteps of mankind still a small leap for humanity and whatever we did for the last centuries as we would calling them greatness – truly, didn’t even can touch the edge of our own outer limit yet … 

Out Of Ashes: