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Vulnerability (Bandcamp 2016)

Bikini Kill meets The Gits or Evil Stig fighting with Seattle Sound’s castle-keeper as Punk versus Garage Rock versus Femme Art-Rock of positivism clashing the devotional arts of Punk in endless circle beautifully in simple distortions; which being induced by these five individuals of rock-heads from Olympia - WA based group naming Table Sugar.

Dirty rockers with self-esteem as high and talents as tall as the mountains of distorted Grunge and Alternative Rock of five mixed genders: Aidan (bass), Brynn (drums), Pascal (guitars and vocals), Ella (guitars and vocals) to Wood Panelling (violin) may sounded like a kitten of bouquet of dry flowers displaying via the enormous record entitled - Introductory Material in short/longer terms of duration from No Es Nada, Train Way Underground, Badlands, Something Like That and Carried Away or Gazpacho; beating every terms that the established world provides for a modern music format and letting harmony backed-up of more rebellion-ideas and simplicity rules by them against us.

Introductory Material: