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Vortex Unwinding (Xtreem Music 2012)

   The ex-Slugathor - Tommi Gronqvist and Jarno Nurmi didn’t have time to just sitting around and screwing chicks without ritualistically, torturing them or just kill them instead but our Espoo, Helsinki’s Death Metal of Finnish pride scene got more darkening subjects to written down or practice into brutal themed tracks off the extreme metallic music blasts via the new group – Desecresy. 
Performing their live band-instruments themselves as a duo only; these Metal-Heads are talking about the afterlife, dark beings, religion, chaos and darkness within the releasing second full album called The Doom Skeptron with more blending of Death Metal, Rock N’ Roll, Black Metal-tinged to Heavy Dooming sessions in all non-comparison you need to make as the devastation may seemingly would getting bigger and painful than just chaotic prophecy. 
   Explodes your stereo system using the composing tracks of total annihilation and occult’s progressing continuity in perpetual within The Sleeps of Titan, Forged From Chaos, Declined Resplendence as well as Burial Adoration and Sons of The Burning God told the listeners about the fallen of the fallen gods enemies turning violent and killing each other in the name of a coward creator ego …

The Doom Skeptron: