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Vladimir Armistice (Not On Label 2013)

   Deranged for being calling a Pop sensation and too darn cold for a brand new day smiles; you needing to have a private timing for listening process once in a while as The Tablets arrives within its music sounds. 

Combining the Pop-Rock and Shoegaze to the irresistible eighties Pop nuisance with those keyboards and casio-noise samples over the self titled album recording on a debut of Tablets - perhaps, would making some addicted to their sounds for this band of New York, being unique is something quite necessary to be.       

   Eleven musical trampoline track-lists and all songs composed by the lead vocalist Liz Godoy whom also playing harmonies piano, keyboards, electric drums as well as her duet companion Brendan Beu on guitars/bass/electronic effects or Topu Lyo playing the additional cello on Pray a Fight which has brought these Dream-Pop, Baroque and Art-Rock Indie songs like Sugar Coated, Bookmarks, I Love You in Your Tragic Beauty, The Cuts and Stranger’s Light non-silently penetrating our hearing sense pleasure and visionary sight …