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Vitezi Lapot (AreaDeath Productions 2011)


   May reconnected to the meaning similarity to a summary manner without the customary formalities might be the title album for Po Kratkom Postupku which belongs to the Thrash unit hailed from the wilderness of Blegrade – Serbia under the name of Nadimac.
Consisting of four-piece Thrasher-heads as Danilo “Daca” Trbojevic (lead vocals), Stefan “Cora” Corovic (guitars), Marko “Zec” Pavlovic (bass), Dragan “Dragance” Ristic (drums) writing their sarcastic fun lyrics with the crazy fucker faster tempos like maniacs on the full recording number two for their lunatic career. 
   Almost entirely written in Serbs with at least, three exceptions as the total annihilation background cover leading your imaginations toward the pollution earth being blown up by atomic bomb war tests as well as the executing of pedophile priests by the masked figure slayer and nothing feels good than listening to Thrash Metal attacks while watching the entire destructive show while tracks blasting numerous mayhem killer slamming to the rhetoric melodies enough to strangled you to death like Izmedju Dve Vatre, Udri Pseto, Smrtonosni Ribolov, Gas Do Daske to Kickma Puca or Bekstvo Od Slobode with three English lyrics songs (one being the cover of Kreator’s Pleasure to Kill) seems to leaving no survivor ! 

Nadimac's Nejebanjezivesile: