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Vile Kin (Self-Released 2007)


   Formation completely fulfilled by the six-piece compositions via Cole (bass), Donno (drums), Jeremy (guitars), Brendan (guitars), Sarah (keyboards, vocals) and Glen (vocals) for this Melbourne – Australia Melodic Death Metal group calling themselves as Moredhel but never living in a longer durability of metallic music career and easily split-up after that but as the marking for the young metal-heads communion that already being built by them; Metamorphose would be the hammering album that has been released exactly four years after the band formed.
A two-faced creature figuring for the front cover of this and nine tracks of destructive songs by elemental must be a good reason why one should liking this joint. 
   Forever Mine, Voice of Certainty, Feed and Night Stalker must be a scary theme for the pick written by Moredhel and served brutally and harmonic with the mixing guttural vocals between Glen and Sarah’s female intuition voice.