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VI (Hydra Head Records 2006)

The gathering anthems for incubus and their blood-thirsty partners with amalgam experiments impressions of necromancy solos and technical disturbance of Black Metal extremity reaching a brand new level as the recording with proceeding sounds emerges from the power-joint between two names: Runhild Gammelsaeter (ex-Sunn O) versus James Plotkin of Khanate fighting over the spectacular scared motions of sounds floating like horrors through Khlyst and the recording session titled is called Chaos is My Name which spawning the envision of terror distorts through eight passage parts of interlocking songs that they’d baptizing as roman numbers from I to VIII within thus various durations of raw torturing screaming vocals. 
One could not be exists  anymore as the record silently, destroying your nerve-cells from the inside as well as the penetrations of many mysterious mystical tunes performing as the results of the collisions between Plotkin and Gammelsaeter. 

Avoid this immediate danger ! 

Chaos is My Name: