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Vegas Insect (Last Beat Records 1998)

Pop-Punk Skater blasting the night sky or your beginning of the day brighter as the sunny comes up or the rainy season wetting the corners of your small town – nothing matters as long as you can go out and skating free using your ability not for sucking the moments but really beats up the impossibility through efforts and strong will and you need to listen to Clowns For Progress as well on their second recording release – Progress (which showing the painted tit of a woman in a very futuristic sign). 
Not mentioning to be rude or disrespected but actually, this things would be amazing as you cranking up the more favorable tracks of energetic Punk-Pop that still meaningful with their standard tempos and melodic actions on every u-turning chords and intersections on thus songs (get it ?) and let your days coloring itself with good intentions but never be lazy lame. 
Make your way faster within Kiss Me On The Moon, Inundated Man, Saturn Rain, Streetlights and Sammy Says – scream out loud your lungs or just do the perfect skillful moves on your skateboard; get up when you fell or go to the hospital for broken bones and later try to go back on the street.