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Vastland Mysteries (Frostscald Records 2006)

   A debut local turning nation-wide album from the Pagan classic Black Metal and National Socialist project which sounding poorly mono and insignificant but brutal independently; carrying the force of influence over anti-judeochristianity, Wotanism, and hatred within as Raven Dark being hailed from Novomoskovsk, Tula that consisting of the main brain – Ulv Gegner Irminsson (vocals, guitars), drummer Wizard or Ransverdi and Kaldrad (session vocals) brought their Russian spirits of pagan bursting out via Autumn Roar that sounded scary, minimalist and non-religious (definitely) and as anger and hate mixed by the hurdles of screaming or bashing rhythmic of metallic drums; fear that Son of The Eternal Freezing Moon, Funeral Wind, Ride The NorthLord and Sun of Those Damned to The Fire will flicking the wide-spreading panic when our younger generations decided to embraced the Social-Nationalist doctrine instead of modern fatality before darkened doomsday arrives with many flocks of hungry crows.

Autumn Roar: