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Vamp Uncut (Not On Label 2015)

   Whadda pure debauchery of thus minimalist Hip-Hop electro and Alternative Rap-Soul-Punk into Rn’B remixes that you can calling them a bunch of soundtrack for excessive “wet boisterous sex scenery” soundtrack music to die for as a background for your late night or high-noon promiscuous sexual contents action of soft-core or hard-core in a outrageous semi-Gangsta touching there by Father – your filthy Rapper from Atlanta, Georgia known as Fatheaintshit or just Father over his genius releasing on Who’s Gonna Get F***** First ? that divided into twelve tracks like Gurl (feat. Abra), Read Her Lips (feat. Ethereal) to Morena (feat. Stalin Majesty & Abra) or more and more of those explicit adventurous story lyrics led to flow and blown your ears away within the horrible title songs like Everybody in The Club Getting’ Shot or Suicide Party (feat. Slug Christ & KeithCharles.Spacebar) will making your orgy pumped sessions with the next door arousing of someone else’s wife hotter !