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Valparaiso Sensual (Kevin Organisation 1997)

Jakarta is her place of  birth, half of her all entire life and rock music career started there as well with bunch of bubblegum Pop-Rock albums; meet her first real love on tour across the Indonesia archipelago and then moved to domicile in France – Anggun Cipta Sasmi was once an Indonesian singer with local beauty and much talents turning fast internationally with her then song-writing ability and music composites and working with many good names professionally in European music industry not for being just another Alanis Morrissette copycat. 
The first effort debut on Anggun would be a great beginning of her newly career as a singer because independently – her musical performance develops and gained within the mixing texture of many kinds of both old and new aspects, transcending for oriental background and added within some choices from traditional World Music, Modern-Rock, Electronic to Classic Pop-ballads or Trip-Hop presented on it. 
One might fell in love easily by listening through her heavy vocals which beliefs to be unique and sacral beyond any singer you might had before on your stereo. 
Whispering the soft-beats for Gita, A Rose in The Wind, Memory of Your Shores, Selamanya, Over Their Walls to Le Depart already making a part of her “Life on Mars” become yours truly like a romantic Snow on The Sahara did as a short-term hits for the media.