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Valley Heights (Platinum Records 2013)

Reminding you back the day where The Go-Go’s, Blondie or B52’s and the rest entire Punk-Pop troops reigning the Pop charts in US and the fun world started as people singing and dancing mostly, on every occasional – this Lulea, Sweden’s Punk Rock all-female group: Tiger Bell releasing their great debut album Don’t Wanna Hear about Your Band which is sarcastic and irrelevantly, good for promotion off their songs anyway. Produced by Per Nordmark, Frans Hagglund and Tiger Bell themselves as the band; Lovisa Thurfjell, Canan Rosen, Lisa Lofgren and Lotta Wennstrom through the announcement for touring Europe to Norway, France, The Netherlands, etc slowly known wider and success even the girls had opening for Jello Biafra as well. 
As the music got freaking loud in Pop-module infringed, one shall loving the standard beats or the sarcasm borrowed from the late Alternative Rock persuasive acts as the lyrics are daily but full speeding on little less social critics and bad relationships with other people assures within Fragments, Baby You’re a Murderer, Don’t Wanna be 3, Boy There You Go, If You want something go and get it and Johnnie. Under the city lights on a bike or inside the small cheap room cuddling-soundtrack kind of. 

Don't Wanna Hear About Your Band: