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Valilovo Popkorn (Not On Label 2012)

   Positively, negative for showing the effects of how Pop music really influenced the newer Metalcore and Melodic Goth Metal generations of the new millennium as some people might heard about their (actual) great cover version off Nicole Scherzinger’s Poison hits single within the Heavy Metal harmony version; then – meet Save in the flesh as this Russian band consisting: Alik Keh (bass), Alexander Savin and Stanislav Lomakin (guitars) with the double lead vocals/growlers Viktoria Belikova and Maya Kuchumova brought their social problems and society issues themed lyrics and music like a blast of semi-extreme as thus beauty and heaviness mixture sounding really works well as usual on these Moscow’s finest group on the releasing album number five from the band’s catalog entitled Estu Preta (Be Prepared) as the militant beats explosion onto Mehanicheskii, Voina Dvuh Mirov to Sladkii Morfin (Sweet Honeyed Morphine) to Konets Sveta (Day of Judgement) where you will dwelling drowned under the vast ocean of heaviest riffs, total explosive growler vocals and Russian beauty arts of Metal music. 

Estu Preta: