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Ursus Arctos Valley (Interloper Records 2004)

Heavy as they’re bashing the land by a shaken earth-quaking destroyer led into powerful Sludgy smashing within riffs, screaming vocals onto the chaotic drumming crushers representing their hometown Chicago – Illinois as Tusk that consisting of Larry Herweg (drums), Laurent Lebec (bass), Trevor de Brauw (guitar, banjo, bowed mandolin, keyboards) with Jody Minnoch (vocals, keyboards, tambourine, shaker) and Noam Belkind (keyboards, theremin, noise devices) combines Post Hardcore, Grin-Core, Math Rock and Punk Metal on the second extreme album of them entitled Tree of No Return as the effects of the noisy rejected of Doomy slow metallic music mixed in a raw connection to thus fast and aggressive blasts come crushing you the listeners and has proven for being influenced by Black Sabbath as you wish you could hearing them praising the occult-dark degree via Starvation Dementia or Lost in The Woods, The Rising Terror The Setting Sun or even worse cause this is our modern occultism changing the course of man to believes.

Tree of No Return: