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Uriel Pathologize (Roxy Recordings 2007)


   Popular for not being too damn popular outside European Union territory but once you got these Glam-Pop Rock band from Sweden being inspiring to be inspired by the 60’s psychedelic and 70’ classic rock arts as the half-parts Bowie-sque fanatics and other half stands for Rock N’ Roll mixed onto Disco and old Techno that fits for those rainbow flag’s newer generation parade crossing your township streets nowadays.
   As the music sounded so American and the atmosphere for the listeners would be doubled up cheering as the music beats play; meet your ultimate band called The Ark that featuring the members like Jens Andersson, Jepson, Lasse “Leari” Ljungberg to Magnus Olsson comes to representing their fifth efforts to the world via Prayer For The Weekend where the sociable issues and powerful lyrics for public demanding you to constantly, thinking about how on earth if Coldplay decided to collaborates with Russell Brand and performing Techno-Rock Dance music that would become The Ark. 
   Absolutely No Decorum, The Worrying Kind and Little Dysfunk You or Thorazine Corazon will never a New Pollution of false misunderstanding to go straight forward marching as the elected rules letting our homo-erectus brothers and sisters stating their peacock's status and wrapping the freedom of choice inside the beats. 

Prayer For The Weekend: