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Unfolding Tristful (Black Lotus Records 2005)

   Greek mythology with misanthropy and occultism mixed with extremely Black Metal, melodic Death Metal to Electronic Industrial sounds that sounding excellently powerful as the fast brutal growler and double pedals joining by the demonic absurd beats like and frontal performance from the duet of Michael Katsikas and Vasilis Anthrakidis bring the curses triplets of the background tales of beyond the basic summoning of dark creatures themes and ritual mixture made and written to composing by The Elysian Fields known before as Desulphurize. 
   Dominated by not only one instruments or passions but a uniting mixed between evil-incarnation and black spells like hemorrhage disease being infused onto your body by the mystic lyrics like dark force and the metallic supreme supernatural demolish power for the superficial gods and all the rhetoric modernity shall be crumbling destroys under the kneeling humans for the ancient and other side invisible hands of the conqueror like creature haunting you while you dreaming nightmares. 
   Never be saved again since then, within the Suffering G.O.D Almighty released – one should forever cursed and all the words swearing that comes out may harming thy neighbor like spreading of deadly disease as the harmony noises creeping as mighty well to destroy living things loving themselves. 
   Particularly, no one will be safe and sound from bad lucks as the devil speaks toward his own words cursing you and the rest; letting the distorted themes like I Am Your Willing Darkness, Ravished with Thee Light, Unleashing The Propaganda or  I See The Lie Behind All The Truth seems to believe projecting the demonic portions like an explosion of deadly piece of exorcism gone very wrong activities. 

Suffering G.O.D Almighty: