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Under Dark (Dark Descent Records 2013)

   As originally calling themselves as Morbid Tendency but later on changed it to Kever (means grave sepulcher) is a Death Metal band with a fucking serious angst or wrath filled hatred reality written by them into the ferocious themes for regarded death itself and make Meggido – Israel proud. 
One might seeing the infamous black eclipse above the opened pyramid by the excessive power of demonic ancient force man might never knew before like plague attacking the nearest civilizations around it which crawling slow to build their own territory like a lame baby in a cradle being butchered by the slaying Extreme Death Metal melodic Hebrew gods in the classic recording of brutality – Eon of Cycling Death. 
   With Chen Dahan (bass), Butcher (bass, guitar, vocals), Tom Cohen (guitars) and Asaf Meiden (drums) making sure that nobody of the mankind race of their enemies and the enemies of their enemies died in suffering and heavy curses as the planet ground cracks open and spraying infections and disease to kill everyone since the cleansing plan through would be spoken centuries after this and keeps on going as on like that for many times in the name of parish. 

In Desolation of Mankind to Wrath of The Ancients can be a good proof you don’t want to happen to your life these days. 

Eon of Cycling Death: